Ohai! My name might or might not be Laurie Janey.

I’m trying to reach a stage in my life in which I feel justified referring to myself as “a writer”. I write, but is that enough? Are there other requirements? I don’t know what I’m doing, and this blog is one part of the process of me figuring that out.

It’s a personal blog. I use it to post pointless ramblings about everything from my writing and travelling, to bad hair days and computer games. I’ve always been a bit awkward about posting personal things on the Internet and appearing to presume that someone should care about it. Who am I, really? I’m just one the Earth’s few billion upright monkeys that sometimes like to wear shoes. I crave self-actualisation more than bananas, but that doesn’t mean you should waste any time reading this blog. I’m basically just writing it for myself, to empty stuff out my head and to practice the painful art of writing my head-stuff down. It’s not easy, trying to build delicate things with the clumsy, jumbo-sized lego bricks of language.

I also have a ranty, opinionated, issue-driven blog. You should check it out sometime, if you’re into that sort of thing. Some posts feature on both of my blogs as they are personal and issue-driven at the same time. It was always going to be a mess, trying tease apart the unteaseapartable.

Ah, well.

Thanks for visiting. Have a good life!

A self-portrait.
A self-portrait.

(All pictures belong to me unless otherwise stated or linked to source.)


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