Shadows and Mushrooms.

Yesterday I went to Wimbledon Common for the second time, this time with Luc, and he took his camera along (a Canon 650D). The auto function doesn’t do the landscape any justice at all, making everything appear flat and and washed out; nothing more than a confusing muddle of greens. After a while, Luc started fiddling with the settings and the pictures he was taking began to capture what we were seeing around us. It’s all about the shadows. The forest is so dense, that even in daylight it has a moody gloom that makes my skin tingle.

Neither of us have bothered installing any photo editing software, so the pictures I post are always raw. On rare occasions I crop them, and I’ve started resizing them to make them upload faster, but nothing else. I’m keen to fiddle with photo editing though, because I’m sure these pics have the potential to be even more striking than they are already. Here are three of my favourites. All credit to Luc.

Light leaking through the leaves and pooling at the base of tree.
Light leaking through leaves and pooling at the base of a tree.
A pathway striated with bands of shadow and milky light.
A pathway striated with bands of shadow and milky light.
And some mushrooms. Just because.
And some slimy mushrooms. Just because.

When Kasha introduced me to this place a few weeks ago, I knew it wouldn’t belong before I’d go back. London has so many of these amazing green spaces and I can’t get enough of them in general, but this forest has something special. It’s the sort of place that makes the existence of magic seem entirely plausible. My novel (the writing of which has ground to a depressing halt since I started my publishing internship) is set in a forest, and standing between those trees yesterday made me want to work on it more than anything. It’s infuriating how the intensity of the urge to be creative disappears as soon as I sit down at my computer and open up Scrivener. I wish I could catch inspiration in a bottle and release it when I’m able to make use of it. I’m going to make an effort today, even though it’s lovely outside and the parks are trying to lure me out again…


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