Oondasta, King of Lag.

I haven’t done an incomprehensible-to-everyone-but-a-tiny-minority World of Warcraft post in a while, so here’s one! Normally I play as Alliance, but lately I’ve been playing as an Undead Priest to get the Horde side of the story, as Azeroth’s current affairs are very interesting indeed! Today, being Wednesday, is reset day and I wanted to get the world bosses down during my lunch break, including the most recent addition to the gang, Oondasta, the Devilsaur in Zandalari get-up. I got there to find the poor dino’s spawn spot being camped by over three hundred Horde players; the most I’ve ever seen in all my days of playing WoW. I’m playing on a full server with this character, and the numbers are great but sometimes also a bit catastrophic. When Oondasta eventually spawned, the lag was so bad that my laptop almost exploded. Here’s a screenshot in which another lagged out player says “lol wat is dis”.


We downed him and I got loot!



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