The following post might seem childish to anyone who isn’t a Harry Potter fan. To them I say: I don’t care and you’re wrong!

This is very old news, but it’s relevant to something in the present, so here it is: The official Pottermore website sorted me into Hufflepuff. I sort of secretly wanted to be a Ravenclaw because I’ve always been a thinky, bookish, academic sort of person, and the lasting (though very simplistic) impression I had of Ravenclaw was that it’s a house made up of thinky, bookish, academic sort of people, while Hufflepuff, well… isn’t. However, upon reading my welcome message, specially written by JK Rowling, I felt completely convinced that Hufflepuff was the house I wanted to be associated with. Her description of the common room was so appealing that it almost brought tears to my eyes and the principles that Hufflepuff seems to represent are things that I honestly wish to make central to my life; not as a result of being sorted into Hufflepuff, of course, but because they’re things that I’ve always known are important; more important than pride, more important than ambition*, more important than victory.

The Hufflepuff qualities that stand out the most for me are tenacity, humility and honesty. There is also a strong undercurrent of humour and decency, with an immovable strength when it comes to the defense and upholding of ideas and principles that should never be compromised. This is my brief interpretation of the core Hufflepuff ideology and I’m sticking with it.

Why is this relevant now? Well, in my last post I wrote a bit about how I’ve been feeling bleak, and today I was looking through some of the pictures we took on the amazing Harry Potter studio tour, and I had an idea. Back in my primary school days, a lot of Christian kids used to wear those WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) bangles. My idea is sort of like that, except a hundred times better and doesn’t involve any religion or tacky accessories. It’s very simple. Whenever I’m feeling like a total sack of shit, I’m going to try to remember to ask myself: ‘What would a Hufflepuff do?’ and I’m pretty sure the answer will never be ‘give up trying and stay in bed wearing yesterday’s t-shirt’. It probably won’t work most of the time,  but it definitely motivated me to stop moping this morning and to get some shit done. JK Rowling suffered from depression and endured poverty and she still managed to churn out one of the most wonderful and influential stories of our time, and I owe it to her to try harder, dammit!

So there we go. I’m a Hufflepuff and I’m going to try to take that a little bit more seriously from now on. The fact that I’m 25 years old is completely irrelevant. Don’t you dare laugh. My generation includes the original Harry Potter fans. We stood in the lines in the early hours of the morning waiting for the book releases and we grew up alongside the characters. You don’t just stop being a Harry Potter fan when you reach adulthood. (Not that I’ve reached adulthood or anything. When does one actually reach adulthood, anyway…?)

As a side note, I never liked the colour yellow before because I assumed that my pasty complexion would make me look terrible wearing it. My favourite colours are green and blue. That said, I dressed up in the Hufflepuff colours for the studio tour, and I think I pulled it off.


To end the post, here’s a picture of me standing front of the Hufflepuff house table in the Great Hall, because that happened and it was totally awesome.


*the unhealthy sort


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  1. Love it! I never blogged about it, but I had the same sort of pride when I got sorted into Gryffindor! Apparently, Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors get along wonderfully 🙂

    Yay for Harry Potter continually having an effect on our lives ❤

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