First full day in London.

I am here! What to say? It’s beautiful. The frenzy of travel has already given way to a feeling of general calm. It’s the lazy grey skies, the buildings that look as though they’ve been casually standing around forever, the trees… The last rags of winter are still caught up on the landscape but already it looks fresh and new and very alive. The only thing keeping a lid on my excitement is my physical state. I haven’t quite shaken the tiredness from flying and missing a night of sleep, and I’ve got an inevitable cold.

I could relate the story of how I got lost in Dubai airport and nearly missed my transfer… I could moan about how it took an hour to cross the border in Heathrow… I could write about a whole bunch of things that sucked about my flights over here… but they were completely overshadowed by meeting Luc and Kasha at the airport and by my first impressions of my new home. Simply put, it’s amazing. I feel so privileged  to have this opportunity and I’m going to make the very most of it.

I spent most of my first proper day here recuperating, but I did take a stroll down to the Gladstone Park while Luc was out at a job interview on the other side of the city. The air was so cold and so crisp: just the way I like it. The architecture and landscape are very familiar from TV, movies and literature, and actually experiencing them in person is such a bizarre feeling.

When Luc got back from his interview, we went on a bus and then some tube trains to King’s Cross Station, just to get a feel for the public transport and to grab some supper. Amazing views and vibes down there. The scale of the infrastructure is unbelievable. I can’t wait until I’m at ease with how it all works, because I can tell that it’s going to be extremely liberating. As someone who was almost fully reliant on others for my transport in my home town due to my fear of driving, having access to reliable buses and trains that can get me within walking distance of everywhere I’d ever need to go is going to be profoundly life-changing.

There’s so much more I could write, but I’m sleepy now!

[I thought I had posted this last night, but something went wrong and I found it as a draft this morning.]


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