My 25th Birthday Weekend.

On Friday the 15th, I turned 25. It was the first time I’d woken up alone in an empty dwelling on my birthday, but it wasn’t long before the Facebook posts and text messages started streaming in, so I didn’t feel too lonely. On my walk to work, I saw an albino squirrel for the second time in my life. It was climbing one of the trees in our complex and settled on a branch just above my head to check me out. Seeing as it was my birthday, I would’ve appreciated it being a little more cooperative and jumping onto my shoulder to pledge its allegiance to me as a faithful companion, but alas… I had to settle for the privilege of casting my eyes upon the snowy critter. My crappy phone camera refused to take a decent picture of it, and the white, overcast sky glaring behind it didn’t help, but you can sort of see it peeking over the branch at me:

Get on my shoulder, dammit!
Get on my shoulder, dammit!

I had lunch with my parents and Luc’s mom at this wonderful new place on second avenue called the Loco Lounge. The food was great and so was the attention to detail. With our teas and coffees, the sugar came in brown sugar cubes and colourful sugar crystals (in addition to the artificial sweetener option, of course), and for some reason, I found this to be very exciting. From my parents, I got some cash plus these beautiful earrings that my mom picked out for me. They’re silver with peridots dangling on the end and they can be threaded through all my ear piercings. I made this photo black and white because my ear was a bit red after forcing the chain through the last two holes, which aren’t used all that often:


I’d already had my birthday celebration the weekend before, while Luc was still in Cape Town, but a few old friends came by on the night of my actual birthday to keep me company. They bought me a cake, and when I wasn’t looking, they put some candles in it and started singing happy birthday to me and I felt terribly sentimental about everything at the end of the night. I’ve known some of these people for well over a decade now, and it’s going to be really hard leaving them behind next month. Making good friends is not something that comes easily to me. It takes me a long time to open up and get comfortable around people, and finding the confidence to overcome self-doubt and include myself in their social lives takes even longer. Sadness and sentimentality aside, I’m confident that we can always pick things up where we left off. Friends like these are friends for life, and the Internet makes the world a whole lot smaller anyway.

I spent Saturday with my family, where there was more good food and good vibes and good presents. This was the first birthday in many years that didn’t start with my paternal grandparents singing their ‘happy birthday’ duet over the phone, and these sorts of little things make me sad and sentimental all over again. I’m still getting used to not having my gran around. I did a bit of pondering about the absolute weirdness of life and the passing of time when my mom and I went through the box of my gran’s old photographs on Saturday afternoon. This picture of my grandparents is one of my favourites:

Johnny and Shirley
Johnny and Shirley

I’ve been working on a post about my gran’s death for a few weeks now, but I still haven’t felt like posting it. All in good time.

Anyway. I had a birthday. I blogged. The end. 🙂


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  1. Lovely! It sounds like a wonderful birthday weekend indeed 🙂

    I look forward to celebrating it with you when you arrive on this side of the planet!

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