The Adventure Begins.


This is Luc. Yesterday, he left for London (via Johannesburg and Doha) to start job-hunting and sorting out a bit of life admin there before I join him in April, around six weeks from now. Before his flight was due to depart at 18:55, we had a whole lot of admin to conquer and things to arrange. He’s a leave-things-till-the-last-minute sort of guy.

We got up earlier than normal and jumped straight into a hot and frantic day of packing, driving, shopping, and organising, with decisions and phone calls and police-clearance applications and goodbyes… The hours whooshed by and the next thing I knew, I was standing with his family at the departures gate at Cape Town International Airport and he was walking away.


We’re both ridiculously sentimental creatures. I kept asking him, “What are you thinking? What are you feeling?” but I know how impossible it is to express these things. A place doesn’t cease to exist just because you cease to exist in it for some time. Every clerk and cashier greeted in the shopping mall, every driver and pedestrian passed on the main road; they don’t know that you’re about to leave and start the next chapter of your life on the other side of the planet. They don’t care. Why should they? And yet for you, everything is already taking shape as a memory. The ordinary becomes interesting, the mundane becomes meaningful.

It’s going to be the longest we’ve been apart since we’ve been together. I miss him already, but I’m too excited about everything to be sad or lonely. The adventure has begun.

Love you, Luc. All the best.


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  1. Love you, Laurie. You’re the best :’). Missing you madly already! Feels like I left half my brain in Cape Town. Everything feels so surreal!

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