Camp NaNoWriMo: Count me in!


Exactly what I need. Camp NaNoWriMo: a more flexible NaNo challenge for April and July. I’m going to use this motivation to motor forward with the drafting of my current novel. For April, I’ve set myself a goal of 20, 000 words. This might be a bit ambitious with the emigration mission happening in that month, but I’m going to give it a try anyway. This silly book has been plodding along far too slowly and incoherently. What I want is a relatively clean draft of it before the end of next year; before the end of this year, if possible.

Here’s my Camp NaNo profile, and here’s the synopsis I posted on the site:

During a traumatic event, Lula Bhayi slips through a crack in reality and finds herself in an unfamiliar world; her world, as it would’ve been if most of history hadn’t happened, and magic hadn’t died. The people she meets there are good and peaceful and forward-thinking, but some of them have their priorities dangerously muddled, and Lula finds herself at the centre of a moral controversy that threatens to tear her new world apart.

It sounds a lot cheesier than (I hope) it actually is. The setting and a lot of the characters for this story were born during the 2012 NaNo challenge, so it feels fitting that NaNo should be so involved in driving the project forward. 🙂


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