Sleepy / Frantic / Last Week, Listed

Life has two speeds at the moment: wading-through-melted-toffee slow and running-on-a-homicidal-treadmill fast. The slow bits are my fault. I’ve been feeling run-down and sluggish and on some days I have so little energy, I can’t even stay awake long enough to get out of my pyjamas, or keep myself fully conscious during the slow hours at work. When I do have energy, life races forward and I can barely keep up. I have to keep moving and I can’t even be tempted to stop and take in the sights because if I do, the ground will just whip out from underneath me and I’ll land on my face.

Writing sometimes works as a weapon against both extremes, keeping me awake when I’m fading, and helping me to breathe when I’m freaking out. It’s the former, today. I thought I’d be snowed under at work, so I did some work on the weekend. Turns out I didn’t have to, and now I have a bit of free time. Free time makes me sleepy, so I’m going to write a list to keep myself from dozing off.


1. I took advantage of the two-for-one burger special at Spur with some old friends. Switched out my chips and onion rings for two veg and felt incredibly smug about it. Truth is, I’m too lazy to cook healthy stuff most of the time, so I end up craving it. I guess it’s my poor body calling out in desperation for vitamins and minerals. In the past, you would’ve had a hard time convincing me to sacrifice my chips. It’s not so much the chips that are important anyway… they’re really just a conduit for the Spur sauce. That stuff could make my own foot seem like an appetising meal option.

Breakfast of Champions
Breakfast of Champions

2. I said goodbye to three of my work colleagues. Another colleague who left earlier this year visited the office and we all went down to the bar at the rugby club for a final gathering. I get so sentimental about this sort of thing. It’s weird how our lives intersect with the lives of others for these limited chunks of time and then we scatter and possibly never see each other again. And yet, while our lives were overlapping, we were in it together, day after day, from 8:30am to 5:00pm, facing the same challenges and the same frustrations… I wish them all the best of luck.

3. I saw ‘Argo’ at the cinema with some other friends. It was a very good movie, historical inaccuracies aside. Barely anyone in there breathed for the last third of it. It was so intense, I felt like my heart was trying to punch its way out the side of my neck. Well worth watching, even if you do need a strong drink afterwards.

*Inhale* ...
*Inhale* …

4. I had supper with Luc and our families at Da Vincis in Harfield. The starters were so massive that I took three quarters of my main meal (a pizza) home with me and ate it for breakfast and lunch on Sunday and again today. I always choose pizzas with at least one sweet topping. This time around, it was figs. Delicious.

5. I played Minecraft with Luc. It’s a bit of a pointless game for me because I don’t feel motivated to put in the effort required to do anything really impressive. While Luc mines valuable stuff, I just stay at the surface building pretty things. This time, I made a half-star hotel with a mossy indoor swimming pool. I also fenced in a few farm animals and got them to breed. Yay.

Ohai! I'm here to destroy your hotel.
Ohai! I’m here to destroy your hotel.

6. I did a bit of admin and organised a few things for my  upcoming adventure / life change, but that’s way too boring to blog about.

So, not a very extensive list, but there it is anyway. Yawn. Back to work.


5 thoughts on “Sleepy / Frantic / Last Week, Listed

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  1. Oh gosh, I have a sudden craving for Spur! Meep.

    I know what you mean when it comes to life going fast/slow. I think I’ve been stuck on that hellish treadmill for a while now, with tiny patches of the slow. I need to change something 🙂

    1. The treadmill is exhausting! More walks in those lovely London parks, perhaps! And more reading of Margaret Atwood on park benches. (That’s my plan!)

  2. Oh, and ARGO! Great film! Had some issues with it, tying into university teachings of the treatment of the ‘other’ (Iranians in this case), but really intense show towards the end.

    1. Fully agree! Where it redeemed itself a bit on that front for me was the bit in the airport where they leave the storyboards behind for the security people, and they’re all excited about the film after they leave. That showed a more human side. Could’ve had more of that!

    2. Just remembered another part that showed the humanity of the Iranians: the domestic worker who risks herself to protect them. That was a good twist! It definitely would’ve benefitted from more of these moments.

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