Fantasical Ramblings

Suddenly I find myself day-dreaming about deep, magical forests, and swirling purple skies full of glittery stars, and pointy-eared people with eyes like jewels, tip-toeing along tree-branches, and glowing night-bugs that turn the shadows golden and scatter before the hooves of dark unicorns.


Right now, I wish I lived in a fantasy world. I don’t feel like this all the time, but when I do, it’s a pretty intense desire, and because it’s unfulfillable, it has a fair bit of sadness mixed in with it. It’s comparable to the dull ache of misery I used to feel when I was a kid reading the Harry Potter series, knowing that none of it was real even though I really, really, really wanted it to be.


I experienced the same feeling when the Lord of the Rings movies came out. The books didn’t quite ignite that desire in the same way as the Harry Potter books, but the movie’s depictions of Lothlórien and other places definitely did.


There have been a number of other things (books, movies, music, photography, art, games) that have triggered this feeling for me, the most recent significant example being my immersion in World of Warcraft (which has now ended with the cancellation of my subscription to the game, although I still listen to the music on a daily basis). When real life was shitty, my feelings about Azeroth would go from “Wouldn’t it be cool to spend a holiday in Mount Hyjal?” to “Oh my God, I need this to be real. WHY IS THIS NOT REAL?! WHHHY…?!”


One good byproduct of this desperation is that it motivates me to write. I’m writing a novel at the moment. It’s not entirely a fantasy novel; more like a speculative fiction novel with fantasy icing, but I’m trying to give it a bit of that magical vibe. While I’m writing, I try to imagine how the scenes would look as a movie. This is not the sort of fiction I normally write or read. Despite my occasional obsession with fantasy, I’m usually more into real-life, dramatic, character-driven fiction, with my current favourite authors being David Mitchell and Margaret Atwood. In between all the real-life drama, both of them have delved into the speculative and the fantastical, and I guess I want to try doing something similar.

At the moment I’m working with multiple perspectives and tenses and trying to build a unique and convincing world. A number of the characters were born during the literary spewfest of NaNoWriMo back in November, and others originated, at least in name, more than ten years ago when I started writing and drawing my first epic fantasy. It had about twenty chapter ones and never got much further than that, but I’m determined to get further with it this time now that I’m older and wiser. I even have a few premature grey hairs now, and I’m hoping that this will help me in some way.


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  1. I find writing is the only cure! I remember feeling the same about Harry Potter. I’ve also felt the same about the Star Trek universe. I remember gazing at the night sky when I was about 14 wishing one of the races from Star Trek would make first contact and it would come out that it was all real and I could go visit other planets and world hunger would be solved by replicators. It sounds silly now but I guess that many people go through similar and that’s why they write fanfic – because in those few minutes they *are* in that universe. I wish I’d known about fanfic back then.

    One thing I’ve realised with the few fanfics I’ve read and enjoyed is that the desire for that universe to be real is really strong in the author. They pour love into every single line and description as if it was a part of them. I hope to bring the same to my original writing one day. I think if you’re wishing you lived in the world you’re writing then that’s a very good sign because the same will come across!

    1. I agree completely! I hope I can do that too. When I’m in the right frame of mind, then the writing comes relatively easily and I genuinely enjoy every word I put down!

  2. Hi laurie! I am also writing a novel too and i do the same thing too where i imagine how the story or scene would look like if it were a movie. I remember watching the HP and LOTR movies and thinking it was insane how it all came from someone’s head… Someone created these worlds… And they were amazing! I find writing fantasy very difficult so props to you for doing it.

    1. Thanks! 😀 It’s going to take me forever before it’s anywhere near to done, but I’m going to try to discipline myself into not giving up or starting something else halfway like I normally do. I want to create one of those worlds!

      Good luck to you! What sort of novel are you writing?

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