The Blog Plan

This started off as a blog for “Laurie’s stories”. Then, acknowledging that I’m very awkward about sharing my unpolished creative work, I decided that “Laurie’s stories” could also describe the things that happen in my very ordinary and probably not especially blog-worthy life, so I decided to let the blog double up as an online diary, like my Livejournal did back in high school. Strangely enough, I’m just not very good at that any more. I’ve become so self-critical that I discard a lot of blogs before publishing them, publish them as private entries or convert public entries to private ones hours or days after publishing them. After I moved my opinionated, political, issue-driven stuff to a separate blog, there hasn’t been an awful I’ve felt like posting in here. I like the idea of a personal blog but… who am I? Why should I be pouring myself into the Internet? Is it a bad idea? Who cares? Does it matter if anyone cares? I’m over-thinking this, as usual…

But there is hope! In just over two months, I’ll be embarking on my big adventure. It might be an average-sized adventure for someone else, but for me it’s massive. I’m hoping that my travels will reignite the urge to blog. It would be pretty great if I could transform this patchy thing into a travel journal of sorts. I’m not overly keen on memorising names, dates, and factoids, so it wouldn’t be a particularly useful or informative resource, but I’d like to record my experiences, document my self-discovery, paint some word-pictures.

I came here to write a much more difficult entry, flailed, failed, doubted myself, considered deleting this blog, felt sentimental, and then decided I needed a plan. So this is the plan. I thought maybe if I published the plan, I’d be more likely to stick to it. We’ll see about that.


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  1. How could people NOT be interested in what you have to say?? But I guess I understand – for a personal blog, my blog is not very personal at all. I had the same indecision – who would want to read about my day-to-day thoughts and random observations? However, I can safely say that you have far more interesting, intelligent thoughts going on in your head, so your blog posts are always a good read.

    Your journey is not average sized. You’re doing what many, many people are too scared to do: you’re leaving your comfort zone and you’re leaving the familiar. There’s nothing trivial about this at all!

    I look forward to reading/hearing about your future experiences.

    1. I guess I’m sometimes not even interested in it myself, so I’m lazy to write it properly! xD Your blog is great because it’s a good balance of everything. I’m hopeless at being informative and I always take too long to start writing about things, so I forget important fact and details. It’s something to work on, I guess!

      Thanks Kasha! You’re going to be a regular character in this new collection of Laurie’s Stories. 😀

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