For Kasha!

My amazing friend Kasha is moving to England. This is obviously a pretty emotional time for all involved. Instead of trying to write a blog about this (which I would find incredibly difficult to do right now), I’m rather going to post a tribute using pictures from Facebook to reminisce about times gone by.

We’ve shared many adventures:

In sunshine…
…and in rain.
In tents…
…and in closets…
…and on top of mountains.
At graduation…
…and in graveyards. (Don’t ask.)
In black…
…and blue…
…and rainbow colours.
In fancy dress…
…and in oversized sunglasses.
At squeaky-clean Christmas parties…
…and with booooze.

Kasha, you’re awesome. Simple as that. England is going to be amazing. It’s going to suck for all of us not having you around here, but the adventures are not over yet!


14 thoughts on “For Kasha!

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  1. You are both really beautiful ladies!! And don’t worry it’s only distance between you.
    And as you say Laurie “the adventures are not over yet”
    Bon Voyage Kasha!!!

    1. Thanks! See you soon, yes? 🙂 We’ll have to take a laptop out with Skype running for Kasha. xD Sadly, Skype does not allow one to sip a banana jam green iguana long distance! Hmmm. 😉

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