The Adventures of Allison.

Allison is a cat. She visits our office from time to time. This is what she looks like:

“Oh, you need to sit here? Make another plan.”


I was feeling a bit down late yesterday afternoon, and Allison walked in to say hello just at the right moment. Cats are good at that sort of thing, I find. Allison likes to explore all the nooks and crannies of the office when she visits. I looked around for her before I left at the end of the day, but couldn’t find her and assumed she had slipped out, like she usually does. When we unlocked and opened the door this morning, Allison came marching out. Oops. She looked a little peeved at having been locked inside overnight, but she’s fine, and she was kind enough to refrain from pissing or shitting on anything. She must’ve been hiding somewhere pretty obscure for nobody to notice her yesterday. Anyway, when I sat down at my desk, I saw this:

“Oh, you cleaned your desk? Let me cover it in hair.”


She obviously slept here. I am the chosen one.



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