Dysmenorrhea in the Krasarang Wilds

Apart from some very lovely evenings spent with my dear friend Kasha, my life over the last week has consisted of working, sleeping, and playing World of Warcraft. (The expansion only came out last week, ok?!) Because of this, a lot of my brainfarting blogging might be WoW-related until the expansion-excitement settles down. You have been warned.

I was off work sick yesterday. When I say sick, I mean crippled by the worst period pain in history. Yes, I just went there. This particular case came with a generous side-helping of nausea and a feeling of general wobbly, washed-out weakness. Not wonderful. After taking some ibuprofen (which failed to help), I got into the foetal position and tried to sleep it off… but I wasn’t tired, and I was bored in bed, and I needed something to distract me from my misery so, you guessed it, I got up and played World of Warcraft instead, occasionally almost falling off my chair and dying after being seized by a uterus-ripping cramp-spasm of doom. Yes, I just went there again.

World of Warcraft proved to be an effective distraction. It was my first time exploring Pandaria alone (I went in with my fierce dwarven shaman, Myriel) and it was lovely. Because of the ongoing construction work in the flat above ours, I used my little pink headset with the volume cranked up nice and loud and proceeded to conquer the Jade Forest (again) and then venture into the Krasarang Wilds for the first time. After a little collection of quests involving a village of sad pandas in the north east of the zone, the story led me into the jungle and it wasn’t long before I had decided that the Krasarang wilds is one of my new favourite zones in terms of the visuals, the music, and the ambience.

Unless I know there’s going to be a lot of important spoken dialogue, I generally adjust my game sound so that the music and ambience are considerably louder than the “sound” setting (which includes explosions, aggro noises, grunts of pain etc.). I find that this allows me to become more immersed in the game. I disable music whenever it ever becomes overbearing or repetitive, but I never disable ambience. Ambience is really important and I don’t think it gets enough credit for what it contributes to virtual spaces.

A tinkling sound, magical, like glass wind chimes caught on a breeze, echoing between dark trees and across still waters… I. Want. To. Be. There. Now. Despite the tigers, despite the snakes, despite the Mogu lurking in the ruins. Meh. I need to get out and do more awesome stuff in the real world, because my boring office life really doesn’t have a patch on Azeroth at the moment and that makes me sad. Not that I’d be capable of real jungle adventures right now. It would be pretty shit, actually. I’d just curl up in the middle of a clearing and wait for the jungle cats to dismember me. What am I on about? I don’t even know. My brain is addled. ADDLED. (And shut up about time-of-the-month stereotypes. I go crazy at all times of the month.) Note to self: go for a walk in the mountains this weekend.

In other news… oh wait. I don’t have any other news. (“Other” implying that what I just wrote qualifies as news. Which it doesn’t. God.) Actually there’s loads I could write about, but I’m too lazy and I still feel like somebody is punching me in the ovaries (and the brain). My diet of chocolate and hot chocolate and digestive biscuits covered in chocolate is the only thing keeping me semi-functional at work today. Without all that, I’d be under my desk, getting the carpet imprinted onto my face.

Um. Ok bye.


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