Music Love: Night Elves

I’ve already linked this in a recent blog post and several times on Twitter, but I’m linking it again because I’ve decided that it’s actually just my favourite piece of music in the whole world right now, and it deserves a blog entry of its own. It’s from the World of Warcraft soundtrack for Cataclysm, but it’s not only my love of WoW that makes me love this so much. Sure, it reminds me of virtual places I like and of awesome Night Elves, but even without the references, I think it’s just lovely; the perfect balance of beauty and intensity. It gives me shivers. I’ve listened to it at least once every day for many, many days now. I find that when I’m feeling frustrated or angry or anything like that, this music just peaces me out and makes me feel like I’m on an amazing fantasy journey, running through magical forests and soaring over mountains… *sigh* On one particularly bad day, it actually brought me close to tears. I don’t even know why. Enjoy!


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