World of Warcraft Questionnaire

I’ve thought of making a World of Warcraft blog because sometimes I’m overcome with the urge to blog about my other life (^_^) but I think having three blogs is a bit excessive, so I’ll just stick the WoW stuff here in my personal blog, tag it appropriately, and encourage people to ignore the posts if they’re not Azerothians. Unless of course you’ve considered playing. Then maybe you should read them? I don’t know. Whatever. I’ve seen this questionnaire on various gamer blogs and decided to fill it in myself. (I changed Cata to MoP and 80 to 85 to make it relevant for the current expansion. Screenshots and concept art from WoWhead. Click for link.)

1. Raider, farmer, PvPer, or altoholic?

Oh god. All of the above. Probably an altoholic first and foremost. I currently have nine 85s and a tenth one on her way. (She’s a pally and she’s stuck somewhere between level 40 and 50 at the moment, but soon… soooon…)

That said, when Alterac Valley weekend rolls around, I’m a PvPer all the way. I never get bored of seeing this loading screen:

Def Balinda! All Drek! Towers, FFS!

2. Favorite raid or dungeon?

That’s a tough one. I have different categories of favourites: Favourite tacts, favourite settings, favourite boss personalities, etc. Um. I guess most of the time, my favourites are determined by the setting, because I get really immersed in the environments.

I did the Battle for Mount Hyjal raid only once, and I got serious tingles in there. I did it post-Cata, having quested in Mount Hyjal, and the weird, warped familiarity of the place made it feel like a dream. The light, and the emptiness, and the atmosphere… I can’t really explain why it was awesome, but it was. I ran around the place after the raid was done and everyone had left, investigating all the nooks and crannies.

O hai thar.

One of my favourite boss voices is the snakey Venoxis in 4.1 Zul’gurub. Cracks me up every time, especially “MY DEATH MEANS NOTHINGssssss” when you down him. Ridiculous and intense. 😀 Here, listen!

3. Number one choice for a new playable race?

MURLOC! Or Tuskarr, if they actually bother to make a female model. I only play female toons.

Fuck yeah, Kalu’ak.

4. Class you suck the most at?

Warlock. I can’t figure it out. My DPS just sucks no matter how hard I try. I’m hoping that the changes in MoP make the class click for me, because I do love my lock, sucky DPS aside.

5. Original UI or modded UI?

Original, with a few addons.

6. Profession you’ve never leveled past 200?

None of them. Between my alts, I have all the professions at the current cap of 525. >_< (Some of them on more than one character. /nolife)

7. Favourite flying mount?

My Blue Dragonhawk, because it took me so damn long to get it, and it’s lovely and graceful. Second place would have to go to my recruit-a-friend rocket. It’s always nice being able to take passengers, even though my navigation skills are non-existent.

8. Nozdormu — friend or foe, you figure?


9. Useless item you have in your bank that you’ll never get rid of?

All the world event costumes and thingymajigs. I have valuable bag space wasted on this junk on a number of my characters, but I could never chuck it out. Also, the semi-useless crap from archaeology and various bits and pieces that I might or might not want for transmogrification one day, but can’t fit in my overflowing void storage…

10. Most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?

Probably fast flying. For all nine flying-level characters. 😛

11. Favorite starting area?

Really difficult to choose one… I think probably the Draenei starting area, mostly because of the beautiful, peaceful, magical music, but also because of the purple. And the forest green. And the puuuurple. And because I love the Draenei.

The music:

Moonrise over Azuremyst Isle

The Worgen starting area was great for the compelling story, but it’s a bit of drag after the first time, so I’d have to give second place to the Night Elf area, for similar reasons to the Draenei one. Beautiful, peaceful, magical. Both those areas give me tingles and make me wish that I could be there.

Teldrassil Concept Art

12. Inane goal you worked hardest to achieve?

‘What A Long Strange Trip It’s Been’. Yeah. I did that one on two of my characters. And not simultaneously. There was an overlap, but not a big one, so it took close on two years. It was mostly easy, but that ‘School of Hard Knocks’ achievement during Children’s Week had me in tears both times. I’m pathetic like that.

13. Darion Mograine VS Tirion Fordring, gloves off — winner is?

I’m going to go with Tirion Fordring.

14. Game music or your own playlist?

Why would you want to listen to anything but game music when it’s so epic?

One of the only times we didn’t use Game Music was the time we were boosting friends through Northrend dungeons with a few 85s and blasting The Prodigy. That was fucking awesome. xD

15. Particular option or setting that you always toggle on a new alt/server?

Rotate minimap, display helm (off), and sticking up a few action bars. I also like to view class colours in nameplates, but I normally only remember to toggle that when I start doing PvP.

16. Highest amount of levels gained in one play session?

I don’t remember. Probably a huge amount. It’s a bit of a silly question, really, because getting twenty levels starting from level 1 is much less of an achievement than getting from 70 to 80 in one session. (I’ve never done that…)

17. Thing you’d most like to experience or see in-game?

Um. Of course I can’t think of much now. I’m always full of ideas while I’m playing! I guess my main desire is that they continue crafting really beautiful, magical places. Oh and character housing. That would be neat. Apparently they tested it in beta once and then scrapped it. Pity.

18. Worst PuG moment?

The first time I ever tried healing. It was with my priest in a level twenty-something dungeon. We wiped, I ran in, and I was in the process of ressing the party when the tank decided to pull the next group of mobs. I was out of mana from all the ressing, and so we wiped again. The tank and one of the DPS then informed me that I was “The worst healer EVER” and, being a sensitive little newb, I was rather upset by this. One of the other DPS defended me, but the damage was done. I didn’t heal again for more than a year. It was only this month that I tried healing again. That’s what you do, bullies. That’s what you do!

19. Best dungeon/raid moment?

Every time a PUG group unanimously votes to kick a fucking asshole bully / ninja right before the last boss and then I get to imagine him/her raging and throwing things at the computer. Tears of joy, tears of joy.

20. Worst quest ever that you totally hate doing?

There are a few. Pretty much anything that requires gathering stacks of random crap from mobs that only drop what you need like 2% of the time. Fuuuuu… Also, quests in caves! I HATE CAVES. Even if it’s a cave model I’ve explored countless times before, I WILL get lost in it until all the mobs respawn and I have to fight my way out. >_<

21. First thing you do when you hit [85]?

Depends on the class. With my most recent 85 characters, I just started farming battlegrounds for honour points so I could replace the questing greens with PvP gear. It lets you skip the more trivial dungeons, and if you pull your weight DPS-wise, nobody minds that you’re not equipped for PvE.

22. Character (of yours) you would RP as if you had to?

My main character, Gemsquash. She’s a gnome mage, she normally has a puffy green ponytail, and she’s named after a vegetable. Who wouldn’t want to roleplay her? ^_^ I’m often referred to as “Gem” by guildies, so I’m part of the way to becoming my character anyway. I imagine her as bubbly but badass. She’s small and cute, but you can tell by those eyebrows that she means business. She has principles to uphold, and she’s not going to tolerate your bullshit. Dynamite comes in small packages, and all that crap.

23. Keyboard, mouse, or both for using abilities?

Both. I was a terrible clicker when I started playing, but now I only use the mouse to get things on my out-of-the-way action bars. Those are normally things with big cooldowns, like Timewarp.

24. Thottbot or WoWhead?

WoWhead all the way.

25. Acronym you’ve seen in chat but don’t understand?

I only noticed and learned “afaik” like last week. The shame! I sometimes take a while to recognise weird raid or dungeon acronyms, like ToT4W. I have to sit for a few seconds and think before they click!

26. Plot point you’d like to see resolved someday?

They need to rebuild the freaking park in Stormwind! And sort out those smouldering dragon footprints while they’re at it. Unacceptably slow construction work, if you ask me. Fire the lot of them!

Deathwing woz here, 2010

27. Biggest thing you’re looking forward to in [Mists of Pandaria]?


28. Guild event you’d like to see?

With my guild? I guess I’d just like to see us tackle non-trivial raids on heroic and be victorious without too much pain or pugging involved. But if we don’t, that’s ok. We’re still awesome anyway. ^_^

29. Level range you hate being in?

58 – 64. Once I can do Nagrand, Outland isn’t so bad. I’m also quite sick of parts of Northrend, particularly Dragonblight. Ergh. 84 – 85 is a slog too, especially after you’ve done it a number of times. Paaaaain!

I like winter, but Dragonblight is too damn cold.

30. Favorite map to quest in?

I have several favourites. Nagrand is just beautiful. I get so immersed in that place, I can almost feel the warm breeze on my skin and the sun in my face and hear the grass and the trees rustling. Sigh…

A beautiful sunset in Nagrand.

In terms of fun quests, the new caravan story in the Eastern Plaguelands is wonderful (even though the area looks like a pile of mouldy shit), and I love the efficiency of the quests in Sholazar Basin. Out of the Cataclysm areas, I’d say I enjoyed Vash’jir the most, at least the first time I did it. There’s some really beautiful stuff under the sea.

Underlight Canyon, Vashj’ir

Aaaaand… that’s it!


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