Suzi. (Because sometimes you just feel like blogging about your dead cat.)

Suzi cat. 2006.

Suzi came into my life when I was five years old. That was 1994. She died in 2010. This means she was around for pretty much my entire childhood. I miss her all the time. She was a perfect specimen of cat: sleek, agile, curious, clever, determined, independent… Her personality was distinct. In many ways she was a lot like me and in other ways, she was how I wished I could be. She was affectionate, but she didn’t take shit from anybody. She enjoyed being alone sometimes, but other times she would call out for company and greet the first person to respond with the most enthusiastic of purr-meows (an exclamation starting with a purr kind of like “Prrrrreouw!”). She had the biggest vocabulary of any cat I’ve ever encountered (and one of the loudest voices too), and was also weirdly good at using her paws like hands to catch things and pick things up.

Suzi cat. 2008.

We formed a sort of inter-species kinship from very early on. Even later in her life, when she was bony and stinky and a little cranky, I always felt like I had this strange connection to her, like we understood each other in some way. She was there through everything: all the discomfort, the heartbreak, the awkwardness of growing up. On the crappiest days, she would talk to me, sit on me, drool on me, and make me feel better. I can still remember what her fur felt like under my hand when she was purring. She had a purr like a diesel engine. Meh. I miss her. I’m not feeling very articulate today, but I was just looking at old pictures and decided that Suzi needed an entry in the blog, even if I wasn’t feeling up to writing one properly. It’s amazing how much of an impact one small, orange creature can have on a person’s life. ❤

2010. One of the last pics of Suzi, about a month before she died.

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