THIS MEANS WAR! (Where’s my pen?!)

Racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, misogyny, religious insanity everywhere, everywhere, everywhere! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE!? I wish I was more articulate, more learned, equipped with the vocabulary and the facts and the figures, like an arsenal of SHARP and HEAVY and EXPLOSIVE things so that I could start a written war… It’s not a matter of thinking I’m right about one or two random disputed things. I AM right. I KNOW I’m right. I’m right about these people being WRONG. And I want to do something about it. I can’t read the news, watch TV, trawl the Internet, go to a public place without being reminded about just how many people on this planet are HATEFUL, HORRIBLE creatures letting down the entire human race with their bullshit. I wish I had what it takes to be an activist writer. I really, really wish I did. Maybe I should start training. Writing bootcamp. Does such a thing exist? I need to sharpen my knife and I need to learn how to use it. CUT. SLICE. CRUSH. DICE. DECIMATE.


Right. That’s done. Now I’m going to look at pictures of kittens until my blood-pressure goes back down.


3 thoughts on “THIS MEANS WAR! (Where’s my pen?!)

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  1. I’m on your side completely. I can barely read the news anymore; it just makes me too angry and upset. Plus, I’ve had a major reality check in my own life ie sexism and misogyny. I’d go to this boot camp with you!

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